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How to Reset Canon Pixma IP2770

How to repair the damage printer "The Ink absorber is almost full"
If a lights blink on the POWER and RESUME button alternately and it will show an error 5B00. It means that your ink absorber inside the printer is almost full. In order to solve this you need to clear or reset the counter protection of your printer.
How to Reset Canon Pixma IP2770
How to Reset Canon iP2770 Error 5B00:
Follow the step below How to Reset Printer Canon iP2770 Using Manual Method
  • The printer is on
  • Press and hold the RESUME button then press and hold the POWER button 6 times each and then release both buttons simultaneously (Led will blink briefly then will flash GREEN)
  • The computer will detect a new device, just cancel
  • This shows the iP2770 printer is in a state of SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset.
After reset Printer Canon Pixma iP2770 using manual methods the next step is How to Reset Printer Canon Pixma iP2770 Using Software Resetter
  • Download Resetter Service Tool V3400 Printer Canon iP2770
  • Extract and run the resetter ip2770 by clicking 2 times file Service tool URv3400.exe
  • Prepare 2 sheets of paper to print on reset processing time
  • SubTab Clear Ink Counter click Main
  • SubTab Ink Absorber Counter click main
  • Click the EEPROM then printer will start printing sheet of paper. Look the picture below:
How to Reset Canon Pixma IP2770
  • Turn off the printer and turn on again, if the process is successful then the printer resetter will return as its function.
Download Link : Software Resetter Canon Pixma IP2770