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Resetting Epson T60 & T50 Service Required

How to Reset Printer Epson T50 / T60 waste ink pad counter - Epson Printer, cartridge board and its protection by using a sort of counter which serves to limit usage. And if the counter has reached the maximum limit, then Epson printers will be blinking or flashing power led will continuously alternately between red and green.

To overcome this blinking Epson printer T60 resetter software can use the Epson Adjustment Program or function to reset the counter of Epson T60 printers.

Resetting Epson T60 & T50 Service Required
FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error" "Service Required.

How you can reset printer counter for Epson T60 or Epson T50 printer?

Using Epson Adjustment Programs with Waste Ink Counter option for Epson T60 or Epson T50 printer
Follow the steps below to reset the protection counter.
  • Download Epson Adjustment Programs
  • After download Epson Adjustment Programs we have: Adjprog.exe file.
  • You click and run file: Adjprog.exe
  • In the Program Software License Agreement Screen you click to [Accept], then click to [Select] button for choose printer model you want process Waste Ink Counter.
  • After that you click to [Particular Adjustment Mode]
  • Select the 'Waste ink reset' option and click left mouse [OK]:
  • Check < Main pad counts > and < Platen pad counter > radio button after that select button [Initialization];
  • Restart your printer to complete.
Instruction Reset Printer All Epson with Image click here

Epson T60 Printer Resetter Adjustment Program free download